Following her retirement on September 19, double grand slam winner Li Na gave birth to a baby in a Beijing hospital on June 3, Xinhua reports. Li, who is originally from Wuhan, and her husband named the baby girl Alisa. 

Alisa narrowly missed being born on the anniversary of when Li won her first grand slam, June 4.

According to Xinhua, Li said she will "guide her child to take up sports, not necessarily tennis alone." She also hopes that her child can lead a simple life: "My husband and I both agree to support our child for the first 18 years. After that the child has to be independent financially." 

That seems a little bit extreme, as Li is the most successful Asian tennis player ever, earning USD 70 million in prize money and sponsorship between 2010 and 2014, according to the Forbes fortune list.

We are big Li fans, and have been at least since we interviewed her, when Li predicted she would win the Australian Open.

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