Bruce Willis is set to star in (you guessed it) a new Chinese WWII epic titled The Bombing, a film depicting Japan’s aerial bombardment of Chongqing. The film will be directed by Xiao Feng, who’s responsible for 2012’s Hushed Roar, another wartime feature about the vicious Zhongtiao Mountain Battle of 1938.

The Bombing will explore the struggles of the Chongqing people during the continual air-raids by the Japanese that lasted from 18 February 1938 to 23 August 1943, and cost the lives of 11,000 people. While the Chinese were in command of a small fleet of fighter planes, they were without the training necessary to counter Japanese attacks. This is where action star Bruce Willis comes in, as a volunteer sent to turn this ragtag crew of pilots into Imperial Japanese killing machines.

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Sources say the film will cost anywhere between 56-90 million USD, which will make it the most expensive film ever produced in China. Production is set for August and the final product will hit the big screens by early 2016. You can bet your booty that it will be in 3D because it’s just better for watching dogfights, explosions, and the shine off of Mr. Willis’ beautiful bald head with that magnificent extra dimension.

In related news, China’s box-office revenues have jumped about 50 percent from last year, with moviegoers spending over $2.6 billion USD in the first five months of 2015. This is partially from the 2,806 new screens that have opened up around the country since January, and also because major film studios like Universal have been working close with Chinese production companies, like Legendary East, to create partnerships and deals to make the big bucks. With this being said, we can expect a lot more of these co-productions and action stars on the decline coming over to China to make a little bank.

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