Ah, Monday. How the hell are we going to make it until the weekend, when work dissipates and the social calendar kicks back into high gear?

Never fear, this guide will help you get through one more week of the vocational grind by highlighting the best events in town, which over the coming days involve making some noise for hometown Guo'an against our archenemy Shanghai, immersing yourself in an audiovisual feast created by China's classical music mastermind Tan Dun, grooving to some Arabic hits and drunken poetry, and getting exhilarated and frustrated at the same time by Pulp Fiction's humor and violence.

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Gongti Needs Some Noise: Beijing Guo'an vs. Shanghai Shenxin

Nothing can beat a Guo'an's game as a kick off of the week. Sanlitun will need some noise from you footie fans. The hometown Guo'an is in good shape so far, leading the league table with 22 points in 11 games.

Watch for Guo'an's #10 Dejan Damjanovic, Beijing's most lethal striker, dubbed "best striker in Asia" and #17 Pablo Batalla, who's well known for his Argentine skills and creativity.

Tan Dun and the China National Symphony Orchestra Concert

Acclaimed for his soundtracks for the movies Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero, as well as composing music for the medal ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Tan Dun is probably the most influential contemporary classical composer and conductor in China. His works often incorporate audiovisual elements and traditional Chinese theatrical and ritual performance. He also uses instruments constructed from organic materials, such as paper, water, and stone.

He will work with the China National Symphony Orchestra, China's national orchestra, for a one-day concert at the National Center for Performing Arts on Monday. A must see!


La-Bas Bar's Screening of Pulp Fiction

Exhilarating and frustrating, plenty of sharp, sassy, profane dialogue, and plenty of acute, funny references to pop culture. And there are, too, the sudden lurches between humor and violence -- shocking, but without moral depth. Free screening of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction at La-Bas Bar with free popcorn.

Full Moon Hafla: A Night of Sound, Tribe Dance and Witchcraft

Meaning “party” in Arabic, a hafla is a joyful dance gathering between friends and family members to celebrate a special event. For the Lunatic Moires, this happens every month during the full moon. The tribe invites you to join in their insomnia, and revel in drunken poetry as they honor the brightest of nights!

On this night of wild improvisation, the Moires and their musician friends — the band Sound Sculpture Workstation, together with Chris Hawke and Kirk Kenney (from the Hutong Yellow Weasels) — will take you with them into a moonlit trance. Bring along your lunacy!


Invisible Anatomy: Fusion Jazz

Harnessing elements from concert music, rock and jazz performance, and the dramatic arts, Invisible Anatomy is a chamber ensemble dedicated to collapsing the notion that performance and composition are necessarily two separate processes. With Samuel Adams, Ian Gottlieb, Paul Kerekes, Daniel Schlosberg, Ben Wallace, and Fay Wang. June 3 @ DDC.

Meet Martial Arts Star Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and Jay Blahnik, Director of Fitness and Health Technologies for Apple, will talk about how Apple Watch can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and your personal fitness training on Wednesday night at Huamao Shopping Center. Still wondering if you are getting an Apple Watch? This is a perfect chance to know more about it and maybe it's the time to make up your mind. Apple Store Huamao Shopping Center, 81 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District. Tel: 5940 3300. RSVP here http://www.apple.com/cn/retail/chinacentralmall/


Our Last Night Live at Yugong Yishan

Be prepared for a wild night for post-hardcore and alternative rock. Formed in 2004 by Trevor Wentworth (vocals), Matthew Wentworth (guitar, vocals), Alex "Woody" Woodrow (bass) and Tim Molloy (drums), Our Last Night takes their top position in the metal scene with an incredible mixture of post-hardcore and alternative rock with some elements of metalcore. Thursday will be the time to join in the night of evolution of modern heavy music.

German Music Party

The German Party goes on! After the success of the May-event we will celebrate with German hits on June 4 again. Join us and DJ Derrick who will spin German Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Neue Deutsche Welle and Schlager tunes. Everything you know and like. So geil!

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