Well this is a nice start to the month: People's Uber, the basic arm car hire service Uber, is offering a 12 percent discount on all rides during June, the company said Monday in a promotional email.

The fare for a five-kilometer ride -- about the distance between Guo Mao and Liangmaqiao, is RMB 8.8. A 10-kilometer ride -- the approximate distance between Guo Mao and Wangjing -- is RMB 18. No promotion code is necessary, the discount is applied automatically. Cool.

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We're fairly big fans of People's Uber, although the hire car service seems to have selected only drivers that have no idea where anything is in Beijing and are totally reliant on navigation systems.

Still, it's now not only better than a Beijing taxi, it's also less expensive. Serve the people!

Photo: Drake Ballew

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