Freelance writers always struggle to secure investment visas here…



I have been working in Hong Kong for about 4.5 years and my current employment visa expires in 2018.

I would like to be a freelance writer, but I understand that getting an investment visa can be onerous especially since I will be a one-man show.

If I quit my job, I understand I have the privilege to remain and ‘reside’ in Hong Kong but not the right to work.

I was wondering if there is any way to get round the latter – such as for example, routing payments through a company registered in my home country, or setting up a Hong Kong company and paying myself earnings through dividends rather than a salary?

If neither of these are viable options, am I better off setting up a sole proprietorship or limited liability company to get the investment visa?

Also, assuming I stayed here till 2018 but did not work nor pay taxes, would this be an issue in getting the Right of Abode in Hong Kong after the seven years are up?

Thanks for the help!

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