Twenty-nine years after its premiere in London, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera will be staged in Beijing for the first time in November. The cast will be led by eminent veteran musical actor Brad Little, who joined Opera’s Broadway cast in 1996 as the Phantom, and Emilie Lynn as Christine.

The Beijing adaption of the musical will preserve as much of its original taste as possible. “If we are going to bring you the Mona Lisa, we are not going to put a different frame on it. We are going to keep it the original way, and that’s what we are doing with the Phantom of the Opera. We don’t want to fix something that’s not broken,” said Little at the China tour launch party last week.

The musical will not be adapted into a Chinese-language version like Mamma Mia and Cats were. “[This will be the original one] I played in Broadway. It’s the same music, the same set, the same costume, the same lighting,” said Little.

There was an attempt to bring the musical to the capital as early as 1999, but while Cats managed to make its way through, Phantom has never haunted our city previously. 

While Lynn is a new face for Christine, she has taken title roles in many other classics such Les Miserables (Fantine), Miss Saigon (Ellen), and My Fair Lady (Liza). Little is not new to the role though, he has performed the Phantom for more than 2,500 times since 1997 on Broadway. 

The musical will be staged at Tianqiao Performance Center for 27 days, from November 17 to November 19, and from December 1 to December 20. Book your tickets here now. Some weekend tickets have already sold out. Ticket price ranges from RMB 99 (students) to RMB 1,180. RMB 99 and RMB 180 tickets have been sold out for most dates, but you can still join the waitlist and be notified by text when there’s an open slot.

Tickets for RMB 380 and above are still available, and you will enjoy a special 20 percent off tickets over RMB 580 if you book by June 10. Each person is limited to a maximum of four discounted tickets. Most performances will begin at 7.30pm at night, with a few matinees at 2.30pm. You can also book your tickets via phone at 400-818-3333 or 64068888.

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