There are many considerations to keep in mind when moving to a new city, from choosing a neighborhood to finding the right school. As a result, many families might not at first think of access to safe drinking water.

The tap water in Beijing isn’t fit for drinking. Residents resort to a number of ways to secure drinking water. A minority boil their tap water, a cheap method that removes bacteria but doesn’t get rid of toxins, heavy metals, or minerals like calcium. Others purchase pitchers with a carbon filter from brands like Brita. Though easy to use, the filters need frequent changing and may not be practical for larger households. In addition, Brita’s carbon filter can’t handle the heavy metals and organic compounds (VOCs) found in Beijing’s tap water.

The majority of people use water coolers outfitted with 19L jugs delivered straight to your door. Though this is one of the most convenient options, there are several issues. For one thing, most people don’t disinfect their water dispenser properly – if at all – which makes bacterial growth likely. Authenticity is another concern, as many shops have been found to refill jugs with filtered tap water.

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Photo: Mauricio Alves (Flickr)

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