Well, it seems we're all in agreement. Best Beijing duck? The place to impress visitors with? Da Dong. If it's good enough for you, then it's good enough for the First Lady of the United States.

Like her husband back in 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama had Da Dong on her restaurant hit list for this trip to Beijing. China Daily reports that she made reservations for dinner at the Tuanjiehu branch this past Saturday. While she was unable to go (for undisclosed reasons), Obama's mother and daughters were among a party of ten which ate at the acclaimed roast duck restaurant.

They got the full spread of classics including zhajiangmian and two kung pao dishes in addition to the signature ducks. And if you want to eat like the Obama family? Check the list of dishes here. The only thing missing from their order, Chef Dong Zhenxiang regrets, is sea cucumber, which he would like to see promoted as China's iconic dish. Our thoughts? Stick with the duck.

Da Dong won a slew of honors at our most recent Reader Restaurant Awards, including Best Beijing Duck, Restaurant of the Year (Chinese Cuisine), Outstanding Chef, and an Outstanding for Impressing Visitors.

Photo: the Beijinger

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