Steak. That sweet, mouth-watering section of bovine guaranteed to make every meatlover's stomach rumble with pleasure. In Beijing it can be very difficult to soothe the steak craving what with an abundance of pig/chicken/various animals we dare not ask about at every corner, but fear not, the task is not impossible. Move aside Morton's Steakhouse and Flamme (or should we say moooove?), our reader's have spoken and it looks like we have some new steak kings on the block for our Eleventh Annual Reader Restaurant Awards.

If only the best beef will cut it for you, then take good pleasure in knowing here in Beijing you can sink your teeth into the most delectable of beef sourced from world-renowned farms. Below are the best fine dining choices of steak as chosen by you:

Morton's The Steakhouse
The Cut, Fairmont Beijing

Of course we realize it's very difficult for the every day steak lover to dine frequently on cows that lived out their days with massages and beer (ala Wagyu legend) but a nice hearty fill of steak will never be refused by a true meat connoisseur. Here are your picks for best casual dining steak experience: 

Union Bar and Grille

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