The INTRO 2014 electronic music festival will be on Saturday, May 24. This extravagant all-day electronic music festival will take place again at the Capital Steel Factory. This venue was lauded last year as being the perfect environment, with its stark industrial landscape colliding with a state-of-the-art system of psychedelic party lights, painting smoke stacks and decomposing refineries into magnificent towers of color and lasers.

On April 4, to give the public a little taste of what to expect at this year's festival, there will be an INTRO 2014 launch party at Lantern. This event will feature some of the main stage artists performing at Capital Steel in May. Entrance to this special INTRO teaser will be absolutely FREE. We will keep you updated regarding any developments regarding this epic, bass-heavy soirée. Check out some of the amazing photos from last year

Photos: Frank Yu

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