Two competitors for the affections of the same woman settled their differences violently, with one stabbing the other, Beijing's Public Security Bureau (PSB) reported Thursday via its Weibo account.

The incident took place around 3 pm near the entrance to the Yashow Market, when an argument broke out between two men over a woman, who was also present. One of the men produced a knife and stabbed the other. The assailant was arrested at approximately 9 pm, the PSB said. Their report noted that the two men were "entrepreneurs" or "self-employed," although we're not sure what that has to do with anything.

February saw a late-night stabbing in Sanlitun, which brought back a whole host of bad memories from 2013's bloody summer.

An incident like this on the first day of spring doesn't bode well, although it does seem to be an isolated event.

Last summer saw a stabbing incident outside Joy City Chaoyang that killed two people including an American woman, and was followed by other knife attacks and an explosion at Beijing Capital International Airport, it just means two things: be careful, use common sense, and don't suddenly think Beijing is absolutely unsafe. Sanlitun at night seems to be an area of concern, avoid walking through there late alone at night. And don't stand in the doorway of Yashow when people are arguing.

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