Producing an issue with beer as the cover story is fun. And considering how much good beer is being made in Beijing now, it’s even more fun. What was I saying?

So first we interviewed Wolfgang Sesser, who sometime in June, will continue 500 years of German beer-making tradition, and 23 years of Beijing brewing, and make the 5,000,000th liter of beer at the Kempinski Hotel’s Paulaner Brauhaus. We talked to Wolfgang about why being a brew master wasn’t his dream job, and what that landmark liter of beer will be.

Then we took a look at other things we can do with beer, like make food with it. By the way, beer goes well with dishes made with beer. And before the weather in Beijing gets a bit too hot, enjoy one of the city’s many beer gardens with our guide to sipping suds outside.

Elsewhere in this issue, we learn about Beijing’s championship-winning baseball team. We talk to China’s leading sexologist, Li Yinhe, about the state of all kinds of relationships here. And we travel to Ulaanbataar, read about Xinjiang, and try a whole bunch of new restaurants and other venues.

We hope that you enjoy reading the June issue of the Beijinger as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

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