Last Easter holiday marked Beijing-based Starfish Project’s ninth year helping women rise above sexually exploitive circumstances and giving them the tools and opportunities to work.

Today, Starfish Project is globally respected and has helped more than 100 women by giving them alternative employment making original jewelry and helping to run the Project’s business operations. The Project’s jewelry is sold in more than 60 boutiques and throughout a network of Advocates in North America. The Starfish women now receive work and holistic care services in three different cities in Asia.

After successfully developing a business model and holistic care program, Starfish Project is now expanding into other cities in order to help even more women. To take the organization to the next level, Starfish Project launched a global crowdfunding campaign on on April 21, with the goal of raising USD 150,000. The funds will be used to accelerate production and expand its services and operational capabilities.

“The more money we raise, the more jewelry we can sell into larger chains. That lets us save more women, which is always our goal,” said Jenny McGee, founder and CEO or Starfish Project. “The Crowd Rise campaign is a first for us and we’re excited to see the response from our community and all those who care about giving sex-trafficked women a chance to break out of the cycle of abuse and start a new life.”

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