Beijing can be overstimulating, to say the least. Let’s be real: Sometimes even our sixth sense gets a decent workout, the one where you know that stick of chuan'r will get you sick for the next two days (but you gobble it up anyway). With such a wide variety of events, restaurants, and gigs to attend, we suggest bathing each of your five senses in one, if not all, of the nourishing goings-on below.


Jan 19-20: Fondue Weekend at Zarah
Ah, Zarah, so pretty, and yet ... The word on the street about Zarah's food has not been of the greatest praise as of lately, but you can't screw up cheese. We are keeping our hopes up for this cozy spot and heading down to dip bread in pots of melted cheese. The Swiss hotpot may have been more popular dinner party entertainment in the early '00s but with Beijing's hotpot tradition, it could just be the perfect thing for a winter weekend. 6pm. RMB 258 for two. Zarah


Jan 20: Inversions with Justine
What does everything smell like upside down (no relation to the Stranger Things intended)? We wouldn't know because aligning your body into a headstand requires plenty of work, patience, and courage. Yoga Yard have promised to make it easier, giving away tips to trick your body into being less afraid and feeling more in control. Join Justine for a one-day workshop about inversions and how to perfect them. 1-4pm. RMB 380. Yoga Yard


Jan 20: Loreli art market
"Art is expensive and I'll never be able to afford to own anything": this maxim is simply not true as long as Beijingers are blessed with the Loreli crew. Once more, their affordable art market takes over Yue Space. Illustrations, graphics, and photography rub shoulders in the market alongside a few tasty food options. Afterwards, can stick around to check out the bands courtesy of Beijing Underground's  Sweet Winter Music Days fest. Whether you are looking to liven up your white kitchen wall or fill up the shelves, there sure will be something for everyone this Saturday. 2-7pm. Free. Yue Space


Jan 20: Health Talk
Okay, while this is usually some great gig, album, or a festival, this time we say, give the hedonism a break and take care of your health! Even if it is seems sort of alright now, doctor's visits don't come cheap in China so head to this talk instead so you know how to best help your runny noses, sore throats, and other breathing-related organs via a traditional Chinese medicine approach. The great thing about TCM is that even if it doesn't work miracles, it won't ruin your liver or affect your mood, so why not give it a try? 2pm. Free. 16 Liangmahe South Road


Jan 19: The Shape of Water Screening
Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water is true eye-candy. Known mainly for Pan's Labyrinth, the director once more satisfies fantasy and magic lovers who refuse to grow out of fairy tales. The story takes place in Cold War America, where lonely Elisa works in a high-security government laboratory. Her whole life changes when Elisa and her co-worker start suspecting that the laboratory is conducting secret experiments and go to investigate. 8pm. Free. Camera Stylo

Images courtesy of the venues, Lipstiq, CDN


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