An epic anti-foreign rant went viral yesterday on WeChat counseling Chinese women not to sleep with foreign men, mainly because they are losers who can't find a job back home and are only here to pick up Chinese women. Oh, and they may have AIDS.

The rant is attributed to [New Oriental founder] Yu Minhong’s wife Xiao Yang, who according to the introduction, “has rich overseas experience, and wrote this essay based on her own perspective.” We cast serious doubt on that attribution for a variety of reasons, most prominently a reference Xiao makes to taking public buses in Shanghai (which is something we doubt the wife of one of China's richest entrepreneurs does much of).

A search of the Chinese social media universe also failed to uncover a regular blog or social media stream of Xiao's, so we're thinking this is probably the work of an imposter. The post nevertheless has gotten tons of mileage on the internet, striking a chord with some Chinese (particularly those whose girlfriends dumped them for a foreigner, methinks).

And since it may have shown up in your WeChat stream, we thought we'd give you a peek. The essay is titled “Chinese Women: Don’t Casually Jump into Foreigners' Beds.” The full translation of the screed is below, but we’ve brought the concluding paragraph to the top, in which the writer of the post offers the following advice to Chinese women who are thinking of getting intimate with a foreigner, which is sure to reinforce some stereotypes in itself:

Before you devote yourself to a foreigner, be sure to confirm three things:

1. Make sure this foreigner really has money. Because the truth is many foreigners in China don’t have much.

2. Make sure this foreigner is willing to marry you. Because if you don’t get married, you will have no access to his property. And if you don’t get married, you cannot obtain permanent residency in his country.

3. Make sure this foreigner is willing to return to his home country. Although foreign countries are wealthier than ours, they are not paradise. The problem is that many foreigners in China are unwilling to return home because they cannot find good jobs, or simply cannot find work at all. They definitely do not want to go back to live in poverty.

Here is the rest of the post:

China, The Paradise for Foreign Men

Not long ago, I ran into ‘John’. Holding his hand was a Chinese woman taller than him by half a head. He told me that his Chinese girlfriend works in a modeling agency. John is an American, 42 years old, 1.67m tall. Because he never finished college, he was unable to find a regular job in the US.

After messing around in Africa for two years and hearing many stories of Americans striking it rich in China, he came to Shanghai.

He was initially quite unfamiliar with Shanghai, and ended up teaching English in a small town in Jiangsu. After a few months, he was unwilling to remain there and came back to Shanghai to find a job, living in a hotel for 12 dollars a night. Later, he found work teaching English at a school in Shanghai, and also found his current model girlfriend.

On a public bus in Shanghai I witnessed a typical American street punk with his arms around a Chinese woman, and in broad daylight he stuck his hands under her clothes to touch her breasts. That Chinese woman very obviously enjoyed the feeling of being felt up by a foreigner, but what a shame that her English was limited to only a couple of simple words.

A taxi driver told me that one time he picked up a black man with each of his arms around a Chinese girl on a well-known bar street. At first he figured that any woman getting a cab from that sort of place must be working in a “special occupation,” so he didn’t think much of it. But he was shocked when they told him to drop them off at the front gate of a famous university’s graduate student dorm.

A Beijing doctor discovered that one of his AIDS patients was an American businessman. Just before dying, the businessman admitted that in a few short weeks in Beijing he had had sex with six Chinese women, most of them highly educated intellectuals.

There’s a group of foreigners in China that can’t get jobs in their home country and use their foreign identity to easily make money, drink in excess and pick up hot chicks. Their only hobby is to criticize China.

What’s even worse is that there are even some foreign diplomats who wantonly use their position to take advantage of Chinese women. Some even openly say: "I can get any Chinese woman with my signature alone."

Foreigners whoring in China: is it right to blame only the foreigners? An American female Sinologist with a great interest of Chinese culture and history came here with her husband. But not long afterward, she decided to return home early. "Almost every day, many Chinese women surrounded my husband, some even in front of my face. I think returning to the US was the best choice to protect my marriage." She was puzzled: "In America I read novels set in 1980s China where the plots are full of women who are accidentally impregnated by their lovers and kill themselves out of shame. I don’t understand -- after just a short period of 20 years, has basic behavior changed so much?”

A survey of foreign marriages found that the average age difference between Chinese brides and foreign grooms is 10.5 years, and 13 percent of the couples are separated in age by more than 20 years.

China, you have given laowai too much, too much. Women of China: Don’t continue to be the “prey” of foreigners.

Laowai, Why did you come to China?

If you ask a laowai why they came to China, most will tell you its because of China's long history, splendid culture, magnificent mountains and rivers, rapid development and great changes.

But let me tell you, with the exception of a handful of them that work for the government or were assigned to come here by their company and have families with them, the overwhelming majority will site two reasons: One is that they couldn’t make it in their own country and came here to find a way out; two is to find women.

One afternoon I was returning from lunch with a French lady. I was almost back to my office when from far in the distance I saw an old garbage man pushing a little cart. "Did you see that?" my French dining companion said. "See what?"

“Right in front of you.” At that moment, I realized the old man was a foreigner.

He had a hunched back and only a few long strands of dirty hair on his head. No wonder near-sighted me mistook him for a garbage man. And he was not pushing a garbage collection cart -- he was pushing a stroller with a mixed-race child in it. He was followed by a Chinese girl  a young, beautiful, tall Chinese girl.

My French companion smiled and said: “Why do you Chinese women do that?” I also wondered. A beautiful Chinese girl with an old, ugly, dirty, short, bald, shriveled foreign man, and a baby in the carriage …

As a Chinese woman, my pride was deeply hurt.

(Additional translation by Patrick Li)

Image: Wikipedia

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