The first rule of Fight Club is ... yeah, whatever.

But for those inspired by the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight to step into the ring, here's your big chance. Sign-ups to train for the 2015 Brawl on the Wall, presented by White Collar Boxing China, will be held at 7pm Monday evening, May 18, at Great Leap Brewing #12 Brewpub.

Training for the event officially starts June 9, at a location for which the print was so small I couldn't read it. Check out all the information here. The main event, which is black-tie for everyone not wearing trunks and gloves, will take place on September 5 at the Park Hyatt Beijing. Both men and women are welcome to participate.

Events take place in Beijing, Shanghai, Macao, Taipei, and Seoul. For more information, visit White Collar Boxing International's website.

Photo courtesy of White Collar Boxing China

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