Wake up, rub the sleep out of your eyes and wash last night's menagerie of smells from your hair, avid partiers ... We're calling last votes in our 2015 Reader Bar and Club Awards, which closes at midnight tonight.

If you're bewildered by the sheer number bars, clubs, and personalities to choose from, or just can't remember where you were last night, you can check our in-depth coverage here.

We took an in-depth look at two of the many categories in this year's awards, so dive in and check out the profiles of nominees in the Best Bartender category here and the Best Cover Band category here

Voting from a computer? You'll find this voting interface the most convenient, while mobile users can vote here.

We've exceeded 4,000 votes to date, and last time around we gave you a quick snapshot of some demographics (like the fact that most of you go bar-hopping twice a week), and here's a bit more:

You tend to go to bars in order to celebrate special events, closely followed by listening to live music and dancing. Oddly, only 13 percent of you said you go out in order to find a date. As if!

To celebrate special events 51%
Listening to live bands 45%
Dancing 41%
Meeting new people (not dating)  41%
Wine/beer/spirits tastings 30%
Listening to DJs 27%
To take a date out  26%
Business networking 18%
Quiz nights 18%
Watching satellite sports 18%
Playing bar sports (pool, darts, etc) 16%
To find a date 13%
Comedy Nights 11%
Watching films 6%

At 32 percent, Chinese voters make up the majority of those who have participated. Europeans make up 30 percent, North Americans 22 percent, Australian and New Zealanders 5 percent, East Asians (other than China) 4 percent, Central/South Americans 2 percent, and Africans 1 percent.

Over 100 bars in Beijing received nominations in our annual comprehensive survey of the Beijing drinking scene. Nominees were selected by a panel of over 100 Beijing residents from all walks of life; between seven and 10 nominees were selected for each category.

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Never heard of any of these places? Catch up with last year's Reader Bar and Club Awards Winners List a fine place to start compiling a tidy trove of places to while away the summer.

Every vote counts so give back to your favored watering hole, band, or drink  the special one that has helped to keep you sane all this time. Last, last orders, Beijing!

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