No one should drink and drive. But if you're heading to a party via the Beijing Subway, better check your cargo before you board. Beijing Subway passengers are now restricted to carrying no more than two liters of alcohol, five cigarette lighters, and/or 200 matches when riding the underground, according to Beijing News. And don't dress like a zombie while you're doing it.

"Other items that may endanger public safety and operational safety ... such as knives, machetes, pocket knives and other tools, hammers, axes, awls, shovels, picks, spears, swords, halberds" are all now banned, even if you are carrying only one of them. It's interesting to note that these items were not previously banned. If only we had known!

Being able to bring such quantities of consumable liquids was news to this writer, who thought that liquids weren't allowed on the Beijing Subway at all, unless you could take a sip of it and prove it wasn't flammable. Sure, you would crack open a bottle of whatever you're carrying and do that, but apparently if you're carrying less than two liters of booze as a gift, the Beijing Subway thinks that's ok.

As for the lighters, how would they know if you stuffed more than that in your pockets? Beijing Subway hasn't gone to full body metal detectors yet, although they have appeared at a couple of stations.

Here, in all its glory, is the complete list of items forbidden from the subway:

● Fireworks

● Controlled Blades such as daggers and three-edged blades

● Tear gas, crossbows and other lethal weapons

● Nail bombs and other explosives

● Gasoline, diesel and other flammable liquids

● Oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas and other compressed and/or liquefied gas

● Pesticides and other toxic chemicals

● Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other corrosive materials

● Firearms and ammunition

● Two-liter or larger bottles of baiiju

● Five or more cigarette lighters

● 10 or more boxes of 200-count matches

● Any other flammable, explosive or and other dangerous chemicals sporting a chemical warning or daily necessities (such as fragrances, nail polish, hair spray, mousse, etc.)

● Utility knives and other tools

● Hammers

● Axes

● Spears

● Swords

● Halberds

● Kitchen knives

● Machetes

● Spades

● Shovels

● Awls

● Picks and other tools

● Other sharp or blunt instruments that be used to stab, cut, scratch or chop

While we're on the subject, we'd like to point out two brands of baijiu that are not explicitly banned on the subway, but we'd strongly recommend against you carrying: Ignite and Bomb:

At least you can still eat on the subway.

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