In between a busy work schedule and a busier social schedule, many people find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet. Add to that the sourcing and cooking of healthy ingredients in the first place and you have a recipe for McDonald's delivery. Enter Factory Fresh, launching May 18.

Coming from the team behind 798 restaurant Factory, Factory Fresh delivers set menus of easy, nutritionally-balanced meals to your door every morning. The meals are designed by Factory's head chef Camila Betin and are cooked to order using market-fresh ingredients.

Their meal plans are currently working at three levels of pricing: 

FACTORY Fit (RMB 360 per day) – 1,200 calories, three meals and one snack
Aimed at people wanting to lose weight while enjoying healthy, balanced and nutritious meals.

FACTORY Lifestyle (RMB 420 per day) – 1,600 calories, three meals and two snacks 
The best option for those on the go and need balanced energy all day. Designed to boost fitness levels while shedding fat.

FACTORY Performance (RMB 500 per day) – 2,200 calories, three meals and two snacks 
Designed for athletes and active people. Larger-portioned meanls with higher protein levels.

A sample menu for one day, including three meals and two snacks, might look something like this:

Breakfast: Green eggs with kale pesto, salmon mousse, and wholegrain bread
Snack 1: Hummus and vegetable crudites
Lunch: Barley and mushroom risotto with beef tenderloin, and watercress salad with lemon-mustard dressing
Snack 2: Homemade Greek yogurt with coconutty granola, goji berries, and blueberry
Dinner: Baby spinach salad, feta cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, tomatoes, chicken breast, and pine nuts

We've yet to try the food for ourselves, but we've always been fans of Factory's food so we have high hopes for this latest project.

During their introductory period, they are offering a "20/40/60" discount system. Buy 20 days of meal plans and take RMB 600 off the price, buy 40 days and take RMB 1,500 off the price, and buy 60 days and take RMB 2,400 off the price.

Interested? Get over that lunch slump and call 130 2102 0500 to order.

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