During any given week, the Obentos delivery guy can be seen heading back and forth from the Beijinger office more times than we'd probably like to admit. Naturally my job means I eat a lot of the naughtier things in life, so whenever I get the chance I like to "reset" with one of Obentos' healthy salads.

The other thing I like about Obentos is that they are not afraid to shake up their menu, even when it comes to already popular dishes. For their new summer menu, the biggest shake up is happening in their salads, which they have refined and cut back to six options:

Signature chicken salad with ponzu dressing (RMB 58)
Nicoise salad with miso ginger vinaigrette (RMB 58, RMB 78 for seared sashimi tuna)
Roast pumpkin and tofu salad with wafu vinaigrette (RMB 52)
Beef salad with spicy honey soy dressing (RMB 68)
Summer obentos salad with ponzu dressing (RMB 52)
Chicken soba salad with spicy honey soy dressing (RMB 58)

Of the salads, we enjoyed the improved beef salad, the meatiness of the beef playing off well against the slightly sweet dressing. 

The steamed chicken bento was always one of my go to choices, so when I heard it had been updated I will admit I was a little wary. Luckily, the revamped steamed sake chicken with ginger-ponzu sauce (RMB 58) didn't let me down, the chicken breast extremely tender with just a hint of sake flavor.

However, our favorite of the new dishes was indisputably the Summer Abundance Bowl (RMB 68), packed with (take a deep breath): mixed grains, quinoa, kale, soft boiled egg, soy-braised shiitake mushrooms, homemade kimchi, edamame, daikon shoots, soy-roasted seed mix, and miso ginger vinaigrette. As with many of Obentos' dishes, this huge grain bowl makes for a great value and very filling lunch. We particularly loved the inclusion of homemade kimchi, which added a light fermented flavor without too much spice.

Other summer dishes we tried and enjoyed included edamame with spicy miso (RMB 20) and the summer ceviche roll (RMB 42) (both pictured above).

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Photos: Robynne Tindall, courtesy of Obentos

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