The Leftover Monologues are back with their adaptation of The Vagina Monologues following three packed performances last summer.

While many things have changed in the performers' personal lives, get ready for more tales of lost innocence and sexual discovery, embarrassing blind dates orchestrated by mothers, and ill-fated but hilarious love stories. The performers use these incidents to convey their battles with duty, desire, passion, practicality, and take you through the rollercoaster ride that is being a leftover woman in China. Although the consequences of this particular cultural edifice do not always provide the most upbeat subject matter the anecdotes are usually woven in a way so as to make you laugh.

The Vagina Monologues, a performance originally written by Eve Ensler in 1996, and has taken the world by storm with a range of different interpretations and spin-offs. The Leftover Monologues builds on Chinese women's experience as their interpretation.

The show kicks off at 7.30pm (not 3pm as previously advertized) on Sunday May 24, at 77 Theatre in the Meridian Space, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng District. Book your tickets online at huodongxing or email [email protected] ASAP as tickets are selling fast. The show is bilingual (half English and half Chinese).

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