The United States' new representative in China, Ambassador Max Baucus, arrived in Beijing on Monday, and so far hasn't been described by local media with any racial epithets, unlike his predecessor Gary Locke.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Baucus said of the US-China relationship, "We must simply get it right." Simple.

The former senator from Montana had to be in place this week, as none other than the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Michelle Obama arrives Wednesday for a week-long visit, along with the First Daughters and her mother, Marian Robinson. If there are more traffic tie-ups than normal on Thursday, now you know why.

Baucus, who said upon his confirmation as ambassador that he might run the Beijing Marathon, has also expressed interest in visiting all of China's provinces.`

While we don't expect Baucus will ever be mistaken as our hosts' BFF, we hope he'll be treated a bit more respectfully than Locke was. Popular with Chinese netizens for buying his own coffee at Starbucks, upon his departure in late February, an editorial in state-run media called Locke a "banana," a racially-charged term.


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