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The Waldorf Astoria Beijing: Now Open.

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Itself representing a class of highly-stylized architecture and design, the Waldorf Astoria Beijing is also a venue that showcases some of the best respected talents in modern Chinese contemporary art.

Born in 1968 in Shandong province, Ling Jian studied fine arts at the Qinghua University Art College in Beijing. After completing his degree in 1987, he left China for an atelier in Vienna, then Hamburg and Berlin, and now in Beijing - where he has continued to work and live.

Truly a world-based contemporary artist, Ling Jian creates captivating and sometimes provoking canvases portraying faces in a beautifully arresting and emotionally engaging way. Ling Jian paints poignant portraits on large-scale canvases that span several feet in each direction, zeroing in on the subtle emotions of his surreal characters.

His art has been exhibited and collected globally including in Germany, Thailand, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Originally coming to prominence for his reconstructed, or rather, “Deconstructed” chairs, Shao Fan is considered an intermediary in the state of art and design. The chairs are seen as sculpture or conceptual art, and sometimes keep their function as furniture. His works overlook the secular relationship between human and object.

Shao reflects on 5,000 years of history, contemporary and traditional thought, and creates a new language, re-evaluating Chinese philosophy and principles. His work is collected by museums including The Metropolitan Museum, New York, The Museum of Art and Design, New York and The V&A, London. He will exhibit at the National Art Museum, China.

The artwork of both Ling and Fan are on full display and can be appreciated at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing Hotel.

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