Here’s your list of events to unleash your freak this weekend. It should be a little subdued compared to the last couple weekends, but we all need a little low key sipping times to keep from being completely consumed by the deep end.

May 14: Okra Works: Cocktail Night and Happy Hour
Tiki style drinks might be next big thing, which we couldn't be more excited about considering the whole speakeasy craft cocktail format is getting a little overplayed at the moment. The recent opening of Bungalow, rum bar Más getting some the Beijinger Bar and Club Awards love for their Tiki-inspired menu, and now this as Doug Williams and Quinn Johnson pack up some bottles of rare to Beijing spirits and scurry on down to Sanlitun's raw fish house Okra to showcase this kitsch arena of cocktail culture. Boyd Rice would be very pleased with the drinks these wizards of the mix will be passing around. Happy hour is between 6-8pm and with any cocktail it's BOGO baby. 6pm-2am. Okra 

May 15: Furnace Grand Opening
Furnace Bar and Dining Salon on the East Gulou Strip will be having their grand opening on Friday. Oddly enough, they've been open for over half a year, and we guess neglected this important occasion until now. Maybe they've just needed this time to work out all the kinks, which were in abundance during our first visit. All in all though it's a swanky joint that has potential and we wish them the best. Plus there will be free beer for all that come, supplied by Beer Buds. From 9pm to 12am there will be live jazz followed by DJs. Let's see if this savory evening can resurrect this kush venue from the Gulou gutter. Free. 8pm-2am. Furnace

May 15: Club Paradise
Bringing a little island disco flavor to the hutongs with this pecante night of French House and tropical disco with DJs Ted Dancin, DJ Saucy, and William Scratchner. Get laid in the Hawaiian way, and then bring some mini umbrellas to swag up your cocktail glass as the groove SPF soars to new and funky heights. That's brisk baby. Free. 10pm-3am. Soi Baochao

May 16: Half Asian Party
Wait this is a real thing? Watch out Sanlitun as people mixed Asian ancestry mix it up on The Bar at Migas rooftop. Imagine all of the possibilities at this, dare we say "revolutionary" event. Advanced booking is required because they are assuming lots of halfies will be coming out of the woodwork. Find more information here and maybe find other unique mixes to mix it up with. RMB 100. 6-9pm. The Bar at Migas

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