Next month Beijing will debut a new air bubble that provides a shield for people from up to 70 percent of pollutants, Bloomberg reports.

The device, designed by London-based engineering firm Arup Group Ltd. and a unit of Hong Kong property-developers Sino Group, is an air purifier and creates a protected area that can keep around 20 people from pollutants through creating a kind of air bubble.

The technology for this bubble cost around USD 77,391, and was tested in Hong Kong. Results here showed that there was a 30 to 70 percent reduction in PM 2.5 levels for people standing within the space affected by the air purifier.

Although the developers have stated they're not yet planning to commercialize the device, we're keen to see what happens next.

This reminds us of a similar project from last year, although slightly different, that also involved Beijing and the word bubbles. The project, titled, you guessed it, 'Bubbles' was kickstarted by a London-based architect who hoping to build a botanical garden inside a bubble, including office buildings, retail outlets, and apartments.

The surface of the bubble would be lined with built-in solar panels to generate electricity, and a controller would have the ability to manage temperature and humidity.

As always, we'll believe it when we see it, but living in a bubble of clean air doesn't sound so bad!

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