For families moving to a new city, one of the first priorities is figuring out where to get medical treatment for check-ups, emergencies, and other health needs. The good news is that Beijing has seen an increase in private, international-standard hospitals and clinics, though the selection is still relatively limited compared with some other capitals.

The bad news is that, unless you have health insurance, international-grade facilities are very expensive. Registration and consultation fees can cost up to RMB 2,000, with tests and procedures – not to mention prescription medication – possibly running into the thousands of Renminbi. However, virtually all of these international hospitals and clinics take direct billing. Patients should double-check ahead of time if their insurance provider is accepted at their medical facility of choice.

Many expats without medical insurance resort to local public hospitals, many of which have excellent reputations in their fields. They are much cheaper compared to private hospitals and see a much higher number of patients, but language barrier can be an issue. In addition, they can be a rude awakening for expats who go in expecting a western-style bedside manner.

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