Date: Mar 18th 2014 5:45p.m.
Contributed by: dominicngai

A perfectly seared piece of fatty, buttery fish always hits a soft spot in our hearts. One of the most popular dishes on Haiku's menu, the maguro upstream dream (RMB150), is something that we would order in a heartbeat.

Aside from its slightly awkward English name, the dish is a rich combination of tuna and salmon, both just lightly seared for a buttery mouth feel.

Conceptualized by the chain's American-born Chinese owner Alan Wong, this beautiful stack of fresh seafood is pleasing to both the eye and palate. There's an intricate process in creating that perfect consistency and texture for the two different types of fish.

A blow torch is used to flash-sear a slice of Norwegian salmon to give it a nice caramelization on the surface while sealing in its juice and fat.

The Japanese tuna, on the other hand, is pan-seared for a nice char that produces a robust and meaty taste. Garnished with a slice of fresh avocado and a dollop of nori butter, all the components melt together like a bite of ice cream as you put them in your mouth.

Visually, the contrast of red and green on the plate makes it look extremely appetizing, but it's the chemical reaction of the caramelized fatty fish that brings it home for us. 



What: Haiku

Where: IFC Mall, Jinqiao, French Concession

Tel: IFC Mall: 3882-0792, Jinqiao: 3882-0611, French Concession: 6445-0021


Where's your favorite seafood dish in Shanghai?

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