resuming school - resuming lives in Nepal


KG Nepal‘s focus is to resume the network of 25 government schools that Kehi Garoun has been working with for the last 4-9 years.  The families of the students are from the poorest strata in society, and therefore most vulnerable to earthquakes as they live in cheap, structurally weak homes.  They are also most to lose by loss of daily wages when they have to stay back to take care of children.  As a child starts to resume their school, her parents can resume work, and the life in the community starts to pick up.   Our message is that we should not wait for another earthquake, or another relief-truck, but start picking up the pieces of their lives.

How to Donate? While donating, please indicate if you have a preference for Relief (short-term) or Rebuilding (long-term). Please click KG Nepal – Earthquake Relief for donation methods.

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