Soi Baochao is a Thai-themed beach bar at the northernmost end of Baochao Hutong. Just to put things in perspective, it’s about three or four minutes by foot north of Modernista. Although a work in progress, it’s a comfortable place, with plenty of secret zones for lascivious activity and cheap drinks that will quickly put you on island time.

They’ve got all of the special potions to bring you back to those debauched mouthful-of-sand hangovers that are inevitable on a Southeast Asian beach adventure. You can find all your standard selections of beers (RMB 15-40), beach themed cocktails (RMB 45), and mixed drinks (RMB 20), which can be super-sized to bucket (RMB 80). We tried a couple of their more popular shots, and the grasshopper (RMB 15) was by far the favorite because it tasted deliciously like minty melted ice cream.

It’s all the seedy parts of visiting a Thai beach town but in a funny and relaxing environment. It’s a place that’s specifically designed for a wild night composed of losing total control of your motor skills. Every Friday make sure to check out Make Out Club, where they attempt to teleport you to that delightfully simple time when punk, new wave, and disco ruled the radio waves and unchecked hedonism corrupted the dance floor.

There’s some gaming to be done if you’re one of those annoying competitive drunks, with both foosball and pool tables. If you want a little privacy from those types, go upstairs where you will find a cozy loft area with couches and more tapestries. You shouldn’t come here expecting a craft tiki drink because it’s far from being a Trader Vic’s, but if it’s unpretentious island-style raging that you crave at a bar that’s laying down some serious tropical panache then Soi Baochao definitely has it.

Daily 7pm-3am. 10 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District  (6401 1066)
400m southeast of Gulou (Line 2, Line 8)

Photo: Kipp Whittaker

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