An early morning explosion at a restaurant 100 meters south of the Drum Tower and just across the street to the entrance of Yandai Xiejie killed one person and shattered windows across the street, Chinese newspaper The Mirror reported.

The blast on on Yandai Xiejie occurred at about 4am at the Mini Station (迷你站) Restaurant, the cause has not yet been established, although several burned propane tanks were found at the scene.

Part of the restaurant was being renovated at the time of the explosion, the building's landlord, identified as Ms. Cao, told The Beijing News.

Damage to neighboring buildings was minimal, but windows across the street were shattered by the explosion. Photos show a Caffe Bene outlet wtih cracked and broken glass around it.

The explosion and fire may have led to an impromptu inspection of fire extinguishers around the city Thursday, according to restaurant industry sources.

Photos: The Mirror

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