You couldn't tell by hanging out at Cafe de la Poste, but China is now facing an English teacher shortage.

With at least 4,000 native-speaking English teachers needed nationwide for 2015-16, and foreigners wanting to come to China increasingly insistent about remaining in their own industries, fewer candidates to fill those positions are available.

"Chen Lin, who is responsible for recruiting foreign teachers at the Fujian branch of the state-owned China Services International, said many of the foreigners seeking jobs in China are looking for positions related to their qualifications or previous working backgrounds, rather than teaching work. Most expat teachers in China teach languages, [regardless] of past experience," reported ECNS.

This lack of interest, combined with almost draconian regulations released in 2014 that require five years of experience plus teaching certification in the language or languages they wish to instruct has put a squeeze on demand.

"A more effective approach would be for schools in China to establish ties with teachers associations in other countries, which would increase the probability of finding good, experienced foreign teachers," Chen told ECNS.

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