Date: Mar 18th 2014 4:24p.m.
Contributed by: chelseastone

Great news, Shanghai. City Weekend is bringing back the Comment of the Week. This is literally the easiest way to win cool prizes from various places around the city. Here's how it works:

Every Friday, we'll choose the funniest (or saddest, or most disgusting, or generally most outrageous, depending on our mood that day) comment made from the previous week. Then, we'll email the winner to let them know their prize and how to collect it.

So, to review, here's how you can win free stuff from City Weekend:

1. Make a City Weekend username

2. Comment on our various blogs every day

3. Be original

4. Receive prizes

Think you're up for the challenge? Get commenting, Shanghai! Here are some suggestions for places to start:

Where's the Best Mac n' Cheese in Shanghai?

March Madness in Shanghai

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Man Walks 3000 Miles Through China

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