We in Beijing love to whinge when the air gets bad -- and we all collectively freak when the AQI goes up over a couple hundred.

Well the World Health Organization's got news for you: a restaurant occupied by as few as three smokers is a hell of a lot worse.

Using data culled from the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau and a study of second-hand smoke, they've put together an awesme graphic (see below or download super-hi-res version here for shoving into your smoking friends' faces) that clearly shows that the AQI readings in indoor areas where people are smoking are much worse than a Beijing Airpocalypse day.

WHO has thrown its full support behind Beijing's ambitious plan to completely eradicate smoking in public areas by June 1.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, WHO's graphic (check in out below) speaks about 6,000 on why you should support a complete indoor smoking ban in Beijing:

Images: World Health Organization

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