On a day that has already seen the postponement of Saturday's Gaymazing Race, now we have word that the scheduled May 1 performance by Slovenian industrial metal band Noctiferia won't take place at Mako Livehouse, with possibly all live music events for the entire holiday weekend set to be cancelled.

"Emergency Notice: New police chief of Chaoyang Dist. decided to call off all live events during May 1st-3rd! Noctiferia's new venue TBD yet," Rock in China posted on its Weibo account and reported by Smart Beijing. The Beijinger could not independently verify the claim regarding the new police chief and whether all live music events would be canned. Noctiferia starts an eight-city China tour with Shanghai on April 30.

Organizers of the Noctiferia show are still looking for an alternate venue. We're guessing that will mean somewhere in Hebei. Is Tianjin's music scene benefitting from these cancellations at all?

So, here's your recent Beijing event scorecard: Gaymazing Race, postponed; Strawberry Music Festival (Beijing), postponed; INTRO Festival, moved; MIDI Festival, permanently moved; Sanlitun Earth Day Festival, cancelled; 330 Metal Festival, cancelled: Noctiferia, searching for a venue.

All Beijing live music events pre-cancelled or your money back.

Photo: Noctiferia

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