[Updated 4/24 11.20am] Three students from one of Beijing’s major international schools have been detained by police in an ongoing drug investigation over the past week, our sister magazine beijingkids has learned. In total eight students from the school were questioned, and five released.

According to an official school announcement sent to school parents Monday, four students, three seniors and one junior, were detained late Friday night at a private residence in the Beijing Riviera villa compound for alleged involvement with marijuana.

One teenager from the Friday night raid has been released while the remaining three are still in police custody. A videotape of the raid appeared on BTV and shows the police entering the residence to discover the four teens in the dark and their parents upstairs.

The news report revealed that the students admitted smoking marijuana in Sanlitun in the past. Acting on information gleaned from the students, the police then arrested a 20-year-old university student surnamed Xiao in the Nanluogu Xiang area.

Sources connected to the school who spoke on condition of anonymity say plainclothes policemen visited the school on Tuesday and four additional students were taken offsite for questioning, allegedly in connection with the same offense. All four of the students have since been released and are back at school.

The nationalities of the students were not given, but the school admits only foreign passport holders. At least one of the students questioned is an American, sources told beijingkids.

There is no indication of what alerted the police to the teenagers’ activities, but one source claims that a dealer who was selling marijuana to the students tipped police off, while another cited drug references made on the students' public social media accounts.

While recreational marijuana use is generally tolerated in places like the United States – where some states have even legalized personal use of it – the same is not true of China, which has very strict laws against most drugs.

China is currently in the middle of a crackdown on drug abuse, and the campaign has shown that even the elite are not immune to prosecution. Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee was just released this spring having served a six-month jail term not for drug use but for allowing others to use marijuana in his Beijing apartment.

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