The hits just keep on coming for Beijing model citizen Stephon Marbury, and we're sure it has nothing to do with him appearing on our March 2015 cover.

After having a play, a stamp, and a statue made of him or about him, the three-time Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) champion is now headed for the movies. As part of a five picture deal between Beijing Hairun Pictures and Australia-based Village Roadshow announced at the Beijing International Film Festival (BIFF), My Other Home will focus on Marbury's playing journey from Brooklyn to Beijing, according to Deadline. He'll play himself, according to the New York Daily News.

Other titles announced in the deal include Mountain Cry, IPO, and Hide and Seek.

The Hairun-Village Roadshow tie-up was the most notable of 36 deals totaling USD 2.3 billion between Chinese and foreign producers signed at the fifth BIFF, which wraps this week.

BIFF has become a bigger success as a commercial market than a public event, despite a parade of top stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger this year. The 2015 edition's opening was marred by one of the worst sandstorms in over a decade.

We're wondering where else Marbury's likeness could pop up, now that he's covered so many others. Action figure? Video game? Get his agent on the line!

Photo: Instagram

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