Date: Mar 17th 2014 4:46p.m.
Contributed by: chelseastone

Any other Americans feeling a little homesick this time of year? The Superbowl is one thing to miss (especially when your team loses 43 to 8), but right now NCAA March Madness is finally heating up and America feels far, far away.

Don't despair -- happily there IS March Madness college basketball in Shanghai -- or at least broadcasted. Round up your friends and get to Boxing Cat Brewery. Pay RMB100 to fill out a bracket and enter the pool before Thursday March 20th at 7PM. The winner gets 50% of the pot in April -- that's a lot of beer. 

This tournament should be one of the most exciting in recent memory: Florida's seeded No. 1 for only the second time in school history. The last time they were seeded No. 1? 2007, when they won the whole tournament with such memorable players as Al Horford, Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah, who all went on to become top ten picks in the 2007 NBA draft.

It's not just about the SEC this year, though. Watch out for No. 2 seed Kansas, No. 3 seed Syracuse and No. 4 seed UCLA. Historically super strong teams looking extra good this year. 

See you all at Boxing Cat Brewery starting March 20th!




Who are your picks for the Final Four this year? Is Florida really gonna win it all again?

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