Taco fans take note, Taco Bar will be closed for renovations this week until 5.30pm Saturday April 25, while they get the space ready for summer, putting in bigger windows on the front and finishing off what looks to be a pretty spacious terrace on the front.

In their own word, you can expect a "new patio, new booze, new food, new brunch, new kind of hangover." Lumdimsum blogged about some of their potential new summer menu items over on her website recently. They also say that their crawfish boils will be making a return this summer. 

Check out the new summer-ready Taco Bar at the Glug #4 The Artist, The Advertiser event on Monday April 27. Glug is a design and creative community-focused event, accompanied by alcoholic drinks. This one will cost you RMB 60, which includes a drink, and there will be a series of talks about the relationship between creativity and advertising, featuring Taco Bar owner Kin Hong; Jean-Charles Penot, creative director and artist; Philipp Cerny, head of development, PAE Pictures; and Adam Neate, dimensional painter. Book in advance via Yoopay.

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