On April 22, 2015 the countries mark the World Earth Day and to mark the occasion, Beijing Hikers welcome hikers of all levels to head out to west side of Jiankou at the Great Wall on April 25 to help clean up the 6km trail. This popular hiking trail with superb views has seen a build up of trash and litter such as plastic bottle, cans, noodle wrappers, and so much more.

The day features hiking up the wall while picking up the trash then walk along the Great Wall to the messy areas. This will be followed by carrying all the trash back down. Snacks and drinks will be waiting for the hikers at the end of the day. This will be RMB 150-200 depending on the sponsorship and number of hikers but this is the same price for members as well. Check here for more details. 

Photo: Beijing Hikers

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