White asparagus makes a brief appearance every Spring and as we enter the latter half of April, now is the time to make the best of it.

Contrary to popular belief, white asparagus isn't a different type of asparagus. In fact, it is just green asparagus that has been grown in the complete absence of sun, a process known as etioliation. As a result, white asparagus has a delicate, more mellow flavor than its green cousin, meaning chefs have to use a subtle hand when cooking with it.

Catch white asparagus promotions at the following venues until May.

Agua Agua's chef Jordi Valles has come up with a menu that mixes both white and green asparagus. Highlights include white asparagus with Hokkaido scallops and balsamic mayo, and green asparagus with avocado tartar.

The Cut The Cut's new young chef Christoph Zoller is championing white asparagus in traditional preparations such as white asparagus with hollandaise sauce and wagyu beef striploin (RMB 498) or white asparagus served Polonaise-style with brown butter, croutons and chopped egg. 

Cepe The Ritz-Carlton Financial Street's Italian restaurant is putting an Italian twist on this seasonal delicacy, with a five course set menu priced at RMB 888 per person. Recommended dishes include white asparagus soup and marinated salmon with white asparagus and quail egg. Dishes will also be available to order a la carte.

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