Pop Alert: We may be missing Katy Perry this time around, but Beijing's playing host to two bits of pop candy in the near future: Carly Rae Jepsen and Mika.

The Canadian Carly Rae hit it big on the pop charts in 2012 with her ubiquitous "Call Me Maybe", an infectious tune with an amusing video that's alternately catchy, cute, humorous, and ultimately homoerotic. She'll play the Huiyuan Space in the MasterCard Center May 1, with tickets going for RMB 280-680.

Mika, meanwhile, has earned himself a Grammy nomination over the course of his three-album career that launched big in 2007 with the hit "Grace Kelly". Born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother and an American Father, Mika and will play May 29 at HIT FM Live (known as Tango 糖果). Mika's charming blend of pop candy also includes the cute, anthemic "The Lollipop Song", the psychedelic video of which should not be missed.

Mika shot back into the spotlight in 2013 with his amusing “Popular Song”, a duet with pop sensation Ariana Grande that cleverly borrows its refrain from the Broadway musical Wicked and features a video that looks like it was directed by Tim Burton.

Mika tickets are RMB 380 (RMB 480 at the door). Read more about the concert here and book advanced tickets here. Read the full event description for Carly Rae here or bag tickets directly here.

The best part of both of these shows? Shanghai doesn't get them. Ha, so there, take that, Shanghai (yes, we're still bitter about Boris).

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