It’s time to step out of the frying pan and into the fire this Saturday as the Beijinger is pitted against SmartBeijing for another edition of The Corner Melt’s Melt Off. While many will be out jamming to the Orlando sound at the Backstreet Boys concert, Morgan Short and our own Kipp Whittaker will be engineering the perfect sammiches for battle in the capital’s mecca of melt.

In the first corner is Morgan Short, the Shirley Temple curls behind SmartBeijing’s tongue-in-cheek commentary on life in the capital. He will be slamming together a melt of the Canadian variety consisting of poutine, the legendary Quebec french fry slop. In the other corner is Kipp (a.k.a., me), the Beijinger’s cherub-faced nightlife editor. I’ve created what I call The Dandy Melt, consisting of brie, apricot jelly, ham, and little sprits of absinthe to elevate your taste buds to new fashionable heights. For one night only, Morgan and I will set aside our quills and amiable feelings towards each other to compete in a melted cheese duel.

Although we aren’t professional sandwich artisans, it’s sometimes our job to know a delicious meat, cheese, and bread combo whenever it crosses our path. We would like to thank Jimi Sides for noticing our skills (?) and giving us the opportunity to perform this cheesy battle. Things get started at around 6pm on Saturday (Apr 18). May the best cheesemonger win!

Photo: Kun Liang

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