Four years after the launch of its Lido store and company headquarters, Gung Ho! Pizza is revamping its venue to welcome pizza lovers to a new dine-in restaurant.

Designed by Coro Urdaneta, the designer behind Mosto Group and one of the Beijinger’s Most Interesting People of 2014, the space promises to be sharp and chic. Although not yet open to the public, the layout has been completely transformed, and will include a new barrelocation of the kitchen to the second floor and a tight trendy design using reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials. If you have ever visited Moka Bros or Gung Ho!'s Sanlitun restaurant – both works of Urdaneta – you may have some inkling of what is in store.

The culinary focus of the restaurant will be gourmet pizzas, luscious tapas, and shared sides, as well as ice-cold craft beers – a perfect combination for lazy summer days.

The reasons behind the revamp? Simple. As its name suggests, Gung Ho! knows the importance of keeping up with fast-paced Beijing, particularly with the rising expectations of both foreign and local consumers. To quote Rich Akers, Gung Ho!'s marketing manager: “if you’re not moving forwards, you’re moving backwards.” A trial revamp was completed last year in Sanlitun, which proved to be extremely successful, and now the concept is being expanded to the other members of the Gung Ho! family.

The venue is set to be unveiled in the last week of April, with various events and promotions to celebrate the occasion, including a buy-one-get-one free offer. So embrace your inner foodie (and appreciation of interior design), and get excited for a Gung Ho! Lido you’ve never seen before.

In the mean time, Lido remains open for delivery by telephone (5135 8557) or online.

Image: Gung Ho! Pizza

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