The Color Run is back, and this year’s Beijing event falls on June 20, with a session in the morning (starting at 9.30am) and a session in the afternoon (starting at 3pm).

Registration opens at 9am this morning, so make sure you head over to their website as quickly as possible as spaces for the event tend to disappear rapidly due to the combination of running while throwing colored powder for 5km proving extremely popular. From personal experience, the end of the run will have you looking like a double rainbow on legs and feeling like one too! I.e. it’s good, wholesome, not-so-clean fun.

If you miss this run but are still in the mood for a marathon, don't sweat it check out our list of all the marathons in China for 2015 here.

The run is also taking place in Shenzhen and Chongqing, the latter having having already sold out. This year’s Beijing session will take place at the Beijing Fengtai Garden Expo (another reason to move to Fengtai!) so you can either run, or stroll while enjoying the green surroundings.

The sign-up fee of RMB 208 includes a Color Run T-shirt, a headband, a medal upon completion of the race, a bag of color powder, a string bag, party sunglasses, and a body tattoo. You can also choose to upgrade to the super packet for RMB 268 which includes an additional bandanna, a limited edition water bottle, and wristbands.

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