A Closer Look reviews the winners from our 12th Annual Reader Restaurant Awards, which were announced March 16. Here we take a look at the winners of the Best Business Lunch category.

There was upset in the Best Business Lunch category this year as previous category dominant Mosto (who had previously taken home the top spot every year since 2011) failed to make it into the top three. 

We must add that this has nothing to do with declining quality on Mosto's part. Rather, the sheer number of excellent lunch deals around town  has grown so much over recent years that there is just a lot more choice than ever before.

Best: Hatsune
We feel rather smug that Hatsune took the top spot this year, since we recently picked it for our "Top Ten Business Lunches" feature in the March issue. Here's what we said at the time: "Hatsune’s lunch deals offer outstanding value. Choose from 15 options accompanied by either mixed tempura or steamed egg custard, and all served with rice and miso (the pork kakuni and grilled mackerel are particular favorites of ours). Available at all three of their locations, this is a good choice for office drones wherever they are in town." Hatsune's business bentos start from RMB 78.

Outstanding: Feast (Food by EAST)
With it's casual vibe, bright space and open kitchen, Feast is the perfect location for a light lunch. Not that you will actually be eating that lightly thanks to their excellent semi-buffet spread. The selection of appetizers and desserts, while healthy in themselves, prove hard to resist once you get stuck in. A la carte main courses come from a selection of both western and Asian favorites. With the recent opening of subway Line 14, Feast is a good choice for people all over town, not just in the Jiangtai/Lido area.

Outstanding: Brasserie FLO
Brasserie FLO might not be in the thick of it in the CBD, but their Monday-Friday set lunches still offer outstanding value. Starting from RMB 148 for a three course meal, you can upgrade to RMB 188 or RMB 298 depending on how fancy you want to go. On the RMB 148 menu starters include, escargots, foie gras salad and pumpkin soup; mains include salmon fillet, beef parmentier (sort of like a cottage pie), and spinach lasanga; and desserts include chocolate eclair and ile flottante. Note that the menu changes frequently.

Top tip: go on Monday or Tuesday when you can upgrade your starter to a more luxurious option including soupe de poisson, charcuterie, tuna carpaccio, and more for free.

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