We're not sure we've ever done breaking travel news before, but here it is. Fly Beijing to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific Airlines for just less than RMB 1,100, roundtrip, including taxi. No kidding.

We clicked on the "fly to Hong Kong at great prices" link, and chose the dates they suggested: May 15-22. Low and behold, with tax, the fare came up as RMB 1,071. Unreal. Even better than the last time we took advantage of a fantastic deal from both Hong Kong Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

The sweet spot seems to be the dates between May 15-25. Fares seem to be somewhat higher both before and after.

Checking Hong Kong Airlines to compare, sure enough, they can do even better. For the same dates, May 15-22, their fare is RMB 1,030 roundtrip.

Rounding out the Hong Kong air route's big three, we also checked Air China. Close but no dim sum. The Star Alliance member will get you there during the same period for RMB 1,211, roundtrip including tax and fees.

We love Hong Kong. It may be a bit rainy during this period, but with all the money you save getting down there, you can probably find something indoor to spend your money on.

Photo: Wikimedia


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