The Great Wall at Mutianyu was location to an tragic incident on Wednesday of last week: a Canadian tourist accidentally knocked over an older woman when rushing down a steep part of the wall.

The 37-year-old Canadian tourist was running after a friend, the victim’s family told Beijing News, and reportedly squeezed in between the victim and her husband. She reportedly kept running down, but eventually ran back up to where the collision took place.

The 73-year-old woman, reportedly Cui Hongfang from Heilongjiang Province, hit the back of her head on a corner of the stone wall after being knocked over, and bled to death in front of her horrified family members after going into a coma almost instantly following the hit.

Because of Mutianyu’s remote location it took about an hour for emergency services to arrive to the scene. They did interview the Canadian tourist, but did not charge her with anything as the PSB determined it was an accident.

According to the Daily Mail the tourist has returned to Canada following the incident. China News does not confirm this, although they do report that she had her ticket home booked and that they are still in touch with her.

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