In a scene that we've strangely seen before, street-racing supercars smashed up on Beijing streets Saturday night (April 11) around 10pm, state media reported.

A green Lamborghini and red Ferrari lost control while apparently racing through a tunnel near the National Stadium (Bird's Nest). Photos depict the Lamborghini's front end entirely ripped off. Similarly, the Ferrari lost its right door in the crash.

No major injuries were reported to either drivers or passengers. A large section of the tunnel's wall was also damaged.

In February 2014, a twenty-something driver was killed when he wrecked his Ferrari on the Airport Expressway. A white Lamborghini caught fire and burned in September 2013, backing up traffic on the Fourth Ring Road for kilometers. A more notorious Ferrari crash took place in March 2012.

The crash ironically coincides with the opening of driving film franchise "Fast and Furious 7" in China this weekend, and that similar film series "Need for Speed" just announced its second installment will be filmed partially in China, and maybe in Beijing. And of course, the Chinese Grand Prix was held this weekend in Shanghai.


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