We are really impressed by some of the new shops opening up just north of Taikoo Li. In the past year, a number of retail stores focusing on designer and handmade threads have taken over this strip to cater towards people whose style decisions lie on the fringe. The newest example being Radiance Trunk.

The concept of this shop relies heavily on its owner Samuel Hsin’s interest in all things that possess that certain aura of craftsmanship and quality. Many items found here have an antique aesthetic, which also coincides with the plethora of WWII artifacts strewn about, making it a kind of mix between a crafty clothing retail and an army surplus store.

The garments available are made to be imbued with a character that can only be achieved through wear, marks, and fades. Often manufactured with rugged base materials, new old stock buttons, and zippers that reflect a timeless style and sense of craftsmanship that is more often than not neglected in favor of cheap and eventually disposable.

Some of the heritage brands Samuel distributes include leather jackets from Himel Brothers, raw denim from Rising Sun, and classic shirts from designers like Nigel Cabourn. These brands are made with contemporary techniques by the hands of craftsmen who have taken cues from the designs of past eras in order to embody a unique combination of timeless fit, look, and functionality.

They also have a small selection of accessories. This includes fedoras, which are still quite popular here despite being a trend that went down faster than Harrison Ford’s airplane. It’s quite possible that Asian and old Latino men are among the only people on the planet who can effectively pull off this kind of swag. Caucasians should probably stay away from the headwear, but everything else is definitely worthy of your fashion consideration.

Radiance Trunk
Tue-Sun 1pm-9pm. 102-103, 30 Sanlitun Rd, Chaoyang District (6409 4484)

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