The sequel to the high octane sports car action flick, Need for Speed, is currently being developed as a joint venture between China Movie Channel, Jiaflix,, and video game publisher Electronic Arts (it's in the game, bruh!). We aren't sure where this infantile idea of turning racing games into crappy live action movies came from, but you would think that Road Rash would be a far better choice. Motorcyclists battling each other with chains and nunchakus would resonate far better in the mean streets of Beijing.

It was made public this week that much of the sequel would be filmed in China and include some local talent and cultural elements, the de facto requirement for all co-productions. What better than a mutual love for performance sports cars and locally sourced hard bodies to bridge together East and West.

No word yet if Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame would return for the second installment. In the original he returns to his street racing ways to avenge the death of a friend from a rival racer. Seriously riviting stuff. Maybe the second best film of the year, after Furious 7 and definitely a major contender of next year's Asian Film Festival. And if you had any doubt of Furious 7's power, here's a wonderful re-imagining of what the franchise may look like had it been set in rural China (RIP Paul Walker):

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